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Adhesive resin mixed with aliphatic solvents, with a high adhesive power.


– Adhesive Contact.

– Immediate adhesion.

– Excellent adhesion.

– Doesn’t deteriorate materials.

– Not suitable for applications in vehicle headliner.


Film forming adhesive with immediate and high adhesion. Especially adapted for different automotive* applications and DIY. The most suitable materials for bonding are:

– Polyurethane and polyethylene foams

– Fibers

– Cork

– Cardboard

– Paper – Carpet * Not recommended for gluing objects to car ceilings. (High temperatures caused by the sun plus the object’s weight do not make for a good result)

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Repositionable adhesive is a product composed of acrylic microspheres that adhere to the surface on which it’s applied. The adhesive maintains its stickiness for a few hours, thus allowing for the surfaces being adhered to be repeatedly repositioned. Excellent initial adhesion and remains respositionable during the first few hours after application.


– Repositionable for several consecutive times in a row during the first few hours, as long as the surfaces are dust-free.

– Colorles.

– No yellowing.


The Repositionable Adhesive may be used in design, photography, and textile studios etc… in the repositionable joining of lightweight elements, allowing for their repeated repositioning several times in a row. For example, it may be used in sewing workshops to temporarily hold down patterns to be cut, or for holding down pieces during the sewing process because the adhesive is colorless and does not stain fabrics. May also be applied to porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, textiles, etc., as well as on smooth surfaces such as plastic and metal sheeting, etc.

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