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ART ENTRY seized a remarkable opportunity to elevate the graffiti art movement by becoming the proud sponsor of the biggest graffiti event in Saudi Arabia, known as RSH.

With a vision to foster creativity and innovation, we recognized RSH as a platform to amplify the voices of talented graffiti artists and celebrate their compelling narratives through vibrant murals and captivating street art. By aligning our brand with this groundbreaking event, we aimed to ignite a cultural revolution, embracing the raw, unapologetic nature of graffiti as a powerful form of self-expression. Through this sponsorship, we sought to champion the spirit of urban art, fostering an inclusive space for artists to push boundaries, challenge norms, and inspire positive change within the community.

Sponsoring the biggest graffiti event, RSH, in Saudi Arabia had a significant impact on our company’s reputation. By aligning our brand with this groundbreaking event, we demonstrated our commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within the community. This sponsorship allowed us to showcase our support for the vibrant artistry of graffiti and the talented artists behind it, positioning our company at the forefront of cultural movements. Additionally, our involvement in RSH underscored our dedication to embracing unconventional forms of expression and pushing boundaries, solidifying our reputation as a forward-thinking and community-oriented organization.

Rsh is returning to Riyadh with a lineup featuring street artists, speakers, musicians and performers from around the region and the world, Festival is named after the Arabic word for spray, and will will take place from Nov. 15 to Dec. 6, with a focus on global perspectives, entertainment, and cultural exchange


The festival aims to highlight a range of contemporary art practices by platforming street art, a once-suppressed medium in the region. These events hope to empower the artistic community, providing artists with spaces to show their work and also educating the public on alternative forms of creativity.  

Last October, the commission hosted Shift22, a street art initiative in which the walls of the abandoned Irqah Hospital were transformed into a canvas for regional and international artists. The festival showcased commissioned and existing works from over 30 Saudi and international graffiti artists, focusing on murals, sound and video installations, and unconventional sculptures built by repurposing the abandoned hospital’s discarded materials.  

This year’s festival continues that tradition by exemplifying the ministry’s desire to promote cultural exchange both locally and globally under the strategic goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

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